ReadySet Go says Openwave

Openwave Systems has announced the launch of Openwave Mobile Internet ReadySet, which it describes as a “low-cost prepackaged platform that provides operators with a central point from which to offer new, revenue-generating, mobile Internet services”.
Openwaves ReadySet provides a complete mobile Internet solution, consisting of traffic management tools, including content adaptation and acceleration, bandwidth optimisation, and service promotion and billing, in a single package. OPenwave says that with low-cost hardware and standard pre-configured deployment options, ReadySet is ideal for smaller operators and newer markets which require a quick return on investment for minimal capital outlay. Additionally, the company says, ReadySet is scalable, and will expand to meet subscriber growth and demands both in terms of increased numbers and increased user expectation.
Openwave is committed to serving emerging markets and helping operators of all sizes offer subscribers the most advanced mobile internet and messaging experiences available, says John Giere, Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing at Openwave. ReadySet provides smaller operators with the flexibility to rapidly deploy new services in a cost effective manner. (It) serves as a single management point for the operator to control and observe all Internet services. We believe Mobile Internet ReadySet, as well as our location and messaging offerings, will enable smaller operators to effectively differentiate their customer offerings while growing their mobile data revenue.