Introduces Image Recognition and AR to App App Image RecognitionOnline real estate services provider has introduced two new patent-pending features to its Android app. The features use image recognition technologies and AR to give users property details and price data.

Sign Snap uses image recognition, along with the phone’s camera and GPS, to give the user property details regarding a property they may be interested in. By taking a picture through the app, of a real estate for-sale or for-rent sign, users will be presented with related information to the property such as photos and price data. These listings can be shared with others.

From Spring 2017, plans to introduce the second feature, Street Peek. The California-based company says the feature will enable the user to use AR in order to view property details. Through framing a home or group of homes with the phone’s camera, the user will be presented with information overlays regarding properties – whether or not they are on sale.

“Finding the perfect home can be a stressful experience. Thats why we are continuing to optimise our mobile experience with first-to-market features that support consumers throughout the home buying process, making it as simple and stress-free as possible,” said Nate Johnson, CMO. “In a market where actionable information can make all the difference between landing a dream home or losing it, we are empowering consumers with an app that provides quick, accessible property information in the palm of their hands.”