Reaxion Solution Looks Beyond the iPhone

Mobile application developer Reaxion has released its multi-platform Mobile Application Suite, a set of services targeting brand owners, agencies, publishers and developers. The suite enables Reaxion to create turnkey branded mobile applications with end-to-end support, from creative concept and design, to marketing and lifecycle management.
There are three ways companies can engage with Reaxion's Mobile Application Suite, either by building a new, branded application; sponsoring a mobile application; or porting an existing application across multiple platforms to increase their distribution potential.
Reaxion says that its multi-platform capabilities help brand stakeholders to reach a larger portion of the mobile market, beyond the iPhone, which according to the Gartner Group represented just 13.3% of the worldwide Smartphone market in Q2 2009. Using its BRAVA development platform, Reaxion creates one code base, then translates it to multiple platforms, including J2ME, BREW, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and PalmOS.
There are tremendous opportunities to promote brands through mobile applications outside the iPhone market, says Reaxion CEO, Colin Prior. Reaxion has the experience and expertise to help brands, publishers and developers reach the entire mobile audience with engaging, effective, mobile applications.
Reaxion has produced a Whitepaper entitled: Beyond the iPhone: Engaging Customers with Mobile Applications. You can download it for free on the Reaxion website.