Red Bend Announces Compatibility With Alcatel-Lucent LTE Solution

Red Bend Software, which specialises in Mobile Software Management (MSM), has revealed that its drop-in device management client, vDirect Mobile 5.0, is interoperable with the Motive Mobile Device Management solution from Alcatel-Lucent, reducing time to market for the introduction of 4G LTE devices and services.

Since 2008, Red Bend has collaborated with Alcatel-Lucent to help equipment manufacturers and mobile network operators launch mobile devices and services more quickly and easily. Using vDirect Mobile 5.0 on their 4G LTE devices, Red Bend says that device manufacturers can ensure seamless compliance with mobile operators’ customized Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) specifications which are used by the Motive Mobile Device Management solution from Alcatel-Lucent to configure, upgrade and manage devices, and engage in troubleshooting operations.

“Industry standards such as OMA DM enable mobile operators to manage the next generation of connected devices, such as smartphones and Tablets, uniformly and efficiently,” says David Stevenson, vice president and general manager, Motive Customer Experience Solutions at Alcatel-Lucent. “Leveraging the technologies and expertise from Alcatel-Lucent and Red Bend, service providers can automatically configure and manage customers’ 4G LTE devices, but also, in case a problem does arise, provide improved first call resolution and reduce average handling time by giving help desk agents the appropriate tools. This all makes for a better customer experience.”

Red Bend’s vDirect Mobile 5.0 now offers pre-built DM clients for six of the world’s largest mobile operators: AT&T, NTT DOCOMO, SoftBank, Sprint, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless (both CDMA and LTE networks).