Red Bend Joins Flash Forum

Red Bend Software,  which specialises in mobile software management and Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updating solutions for mobile devices, has announced that it has joined the Over-The-Air Flash Forum (OTAFF),  a special interest group that promotes the worldwide development, implementation and use of over-the-air software updates for mobile devices. Red Bend Software is joining the OTA Flash Forum as a sponsor member and has appointed Morten Grauballe, EVP Marketing, as its representative on the OTA Flash Forum board.
Formed in 2003, the OTA Flash Forum includes leading wireless companies from around the world. Over 40 Tier 1 operators, OEMs and OTA solution providers have participated in OTAFF in the past year. OTAFF membership has increased rapidly as mobile operators successfully deploy a broad range of software and device management technologies to the global mass market.
As a market leader in FOTA, it is important for Red Bend to help take the industry to the next step in using mobile software management technologies to generate new revenue streams in mobile services, improve time-to-market in launching mobile phones and create a more personalized mobile experience for consumers, says Red Bend CEO Yoram Salinger. The OTA Flash Forum will enable us to work across the mobile value chain to accelerate the reach and impact of these important technologies.
Jim Eckels, Chairman of the OTA Flash Forum and General Manager of XperienceWare at Motorola adds:
As an innovator and a leader in the FOTA market, Red Bend is an important addition to the OTA Flash Forum. Red Bends participation will further accelerate the global adoption of FOTA and other wireless management technologies.