Red Circle Launches Open Source Community

Red Circle, which provides mobile content for the youth market, has launched MobileLabs, an open source community for mobile developers worldwide. In launching the site, the company says it has taken the decision to share its seven years experience in developing mobile platforms and applications in order to establish partnerships with the global development community at a developer and corporate level.
The company describes MobileLabs as a creative apparatus and says it seeks to establish, encourage and equip talented and creative developers with the tools, technology and experience to bring innovative and exciting products to market.
In addition to providing a platform for community-driven resources to help developers, MobileLabs will also generate opportunities to harness greater potential through commercial partnerships. MobileLabs is also hoping to offer developers the opportunity to test and distribute their innovative new mobile content solutions and applications with Red Circles own customer base.
The initiative has already led to the release of the WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) ASP.NET Integration Kit, a device capabilities recognition API for Microsofts .NET Platform. This technology allows developers to rapidly generate creative content for mobile using Microsofts .NET platform, which is already familiar to a global audience of developers but which historically, says Red Circle, has offered poor support for mobile web development. 
Creativity is at the core of our company, and this is what drives our team, enabling Red Circle to retain its position at the cutting edge of the mobile content arena says Red Circle Head of Research and Development, Kevin Burkitt. As such, MobileLabs is really an extension of our creative mindset and desire to develop the business further on both a corporate and industry led level. Put simply, this project has been created so that we can get out there and meet creative developers – sharing our experience and passion in developing mobile technology with them.