Redbox Mobile announces Astra – a revolution in Search Ads campaign management

Redbox Mobile, Apple Search Ads Partner and award-winning app store performance specialist, has announced the unveiling of Astra – a new version of its proprietary Search Ads ad tech platform.

On show formally at this week’s global mobile event. MAU Las Vegas, Astra evolves the Redbox ad tech into a fully scoped self-service platform, via which clients large and small, can manage, scale and analyse their Search Ads campaigns with ease.

Scoped and built by the highly experienced Redbox development team in just six months, Astra brings next-level campaign management and performance to Search Ads customers. “One of the most exciting Astra developments is our third Generation Smart Bid Manager,” said Samuel Chorlton, Redbox CTO. “Its state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities build our years of experience and data to enable continuous dynamic adjustments to bid prices to further empower the user’s ability to achieve industry leading campaign performance.”

The comprehensive analytics of Astra’s data is delivered to users via an intuitive, dynamic dashboard that allows team collaboration across multiple campaigns and territories and permits detailed report building.

Commenting on the announcement of Astra, Redbox Mobile’s CEO James Salins said: “We’re an advocate of Search Ads and we want all app owners to feel the same way! Five years of Search Ads expertise has given us a true understanding of our clients’ pain points – such as the sheer time involved in running Apple Search Ads campaigns; the frustration of not being able to easily see how a campaign is performing and make adjustments; and the ability to, say, up your spend at the weekend, without having to log in over the weekend to do so – and the opportunities for further data analysis. We have addressed all this head-on with Astra. The results are a self-service platform with easy campaign creation and management, granular budget control and keyword level adjustments, plus intelligent use of data to deliver real insights that improve the likelihood of scalable success. It comes in a great wrapper too, with an outstanding UI built to allow app owners to take back control of their Search Ads performance.”

Rory Mudie, Founder of Redbox Mobile added: “With the creation of Astra, we’re bringing a revolution in Search Ads campaign management to the App Store marketing community.  Being an Apple Search Ads Partner, it’s vital for the Redbox ad tech to open doors to greater performance and ROI, for agency-managed and self-service clients, from across the vertical spectrum, from gaming to well-being apps.”

In early tests, Redbox said clients are seeing conversion rates of up to 63 per cent, more than four times the average for Apple Search Ads.  

“We are really pleased with how the platform is performing, said Chorlton. “It takes the heavy lifting away. The client sets the parameters and leaves the campaign to run and optimise itself, but also allows for human intervention where necessary. It’s a perfect combination.”