Reddit and Google strike $60m annual data-sharing deal

Reddit has signed to grant Google with exclusive access to its data for use in Search and within its Generative AI projects.

The deal reportedly worth $60 million per year, comes after reports last week that the social media giant signed a new deal with an “unnamed large AI company”.

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The partnership will also allow Reddit to integrate new AI-powered capabilities using Google’s Vertex AI, in a bid to to enhance search and other capabilities on its platform.

In a statement, Google VP, Rajan Patel said: “Over the years, we’ve seen that people increasingly use Google to search for helpful content on Reddit to find product recommendations, travel advice and much more. We know people find this information useful, so we’re developing ways to make it even easier to access across Google products.

“This partnership will facilitate more content-forward displays of Reddit information that will make our products more helpful for our users and make it easier to participate in Reddit communities and conversations.”

Patel added: “Google now has access to Reddit’s Data API, which delivers real-time, structured, unique content from their large and dynamic platform.

“With the Reddit Data API, Google will now have efficient and structured access to fresher information, as well as enhanced signals that will help us better understand Reddit content and display, train on, and otherwise use it in the most accurate and relevant ways.”

However, the partnership does not change Google’s use of publicly available, crawlable content for indexing, training, or display in Google products, the search engine revealed.

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