Reddit launches dynamic product ads for enhanced shopping experience

Reddit has announced it is entering into shopping ads by enabling advertisers to reach Reddit users across their purchase journey with products from their catalogue.

As part of the social media platforms’ new e-commerce advertising solution marketers can now spotlight certain products within the specific conversations where Reddit users are exploring, deliberating, and making purchasing decisions.

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Dynamic Product Ads on Reddit offer instant campaign creation, where ads are automatically populated in real-time with the latest product images, pricing and information, the company said.

It also includes simplified targeting options with two distinct choices and support throughout the purchase journey, including placement within feeds and conversations, as well as in single-image or carousel format ads

This new solution also optimises performance by presenting the most relevant products from an advertiser’s catalogue at moments in a user’s buying journey.

The move comes as research by the social media giant recently revealed that 75% of shoppers say they can have genuine discussions about what products or brands to try on Reddit.

Reddit Executive Vice President of Business Marketing and Growth, Jim Squires, said: “Dynamic Product Ads anchor Reddit’s wider shopping ecosystem and are a contextually relevant, personalised ad experience built for e-commerce advertisers.

“Reddit shoppers are worth more because they spend more time on the platform in the research and consideration phases of their purchase journeys, which ultimately drives a more confident and higher value purchase decision. With Dynamic Product Ads, brands can tap into the rich, high-intent product conversations that people come to Reddit for.”