Redesigned Google Maps App Adds Restaurant Reservations

Restaurant ReservationsGoogle has announced a new version of Google Maps with a redesigned interface and restaurant reservation functionality, through integration of OpenTable.

The app had previously included links to OpenTables mobile site in the US, but the new version will enable reservations to be made in app. The integration highlights the developing competition between Google Maps and Yelp, whose mobile app offers a similar service.

The new design focuses on brightening up the apps interfaces, and creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world. The app enables easier access to information on areas, detailing popular attractions, nearby places to eat and drink and other useful information.

The new version of the app also advances the integrated controls for Uber added previously. If users have both apps installed, the app includes approximate pickup times and prices when users are calculating routes and travel times, giving users more information when it comes to deciding upon their method of travel.