Regulus Launches Cloud Health IT Resources

Mobile health technology company Regulus Communications has announced a cloud-based resource for health IT (HIT). 

The HIT cloud services provides a group of server-based applications and data services for health care providers, health care technology developers, healthcare facilities, and individual healthcare professionals, and is designed to assist with mobile device development in the health space. 

“Mobile cloud resources for health information technology will change the landscape for both service providers and device developers,” says Richard L Austin, the project director. “Every health care professional, service provider, teaching environment, and medical information program will need to have a mobile capability to meet the demands of staff, students, and patients.”

The HIT resources are designed to be accessible from a range of devices, including mobile devices, and include mobileHIT – a network to serve as the member community providing home pages, blogs, event announcements, member profiles, and mobile video publishing, says the company. 

It allows for Q&As across the network, as well as snap polls. The mobileHIT Content Center allows businesses to showcase health technology content services, products, and programs via a central online directory. The content center allows free access to the category presentations from across the internet.

There are a range of resources for member contributions, including the mobileHIT Campus, which allows members to create professional development and education resources. 

There is also a Universal padPublisher for members to author and publish to mobile phones and tablets. 

To join the network and for more information, click here