Regulus Launches YAMWeb Interactive

Regulus Communications has announced the release of YAMweb Interactive 1.0s, which enables social networking via interactive text messaging. The service enables individuals to send text messages in real-time over a private and protected environment via the mobile web. As such, there are no fees for sending individual text messages, though there is a monthly subscription fee, which starts at $2.95 (1.70). Each private network is managed by an administrator from a web-connected PC or Smartphone.
According to Nielsen Research, US mobile users now text more than they talk on their mobile phones, with teens leading the way with an average of 1,742 messages each month. With YAMweb Interactive 1.0s, says Regulus, groups of teens can now text interactively together within a single message centre, protected by parental control features.
Regulus has also launched YAMweb Interactive 1.0b Business Network Edition for brands to interactively market to customers and prospects within secure customer message centres.
Generation text is the predominant consumer group for the mobile marketplace, says YAMweb Creative Director, Richard L. Austin. Businesses that continue to rely on phone, PC, or e-mail based services with customers will loose a sizable share of mobile market revenues if they dont adapt to texting strategies.”