Remerge unveils partnership program to help agencies master mobile marketing for their app-based clients

Remerge has launched Agency Activators – a partnership program empowering media and brand agencies to become qualified leaders in the programmatic in-app advertising market.

Remerge, which ranks as the top global player for mobile re-engagement campaigns after Meta and Google, will share the inner workings of its technology and offer workshops to equip members with expertise to grow their clients’ app revenues.

The first agencies to join the program are M&C Saatchi Performance, Headlight, Phiture, Lemmonet, WITHIN, Publicis’ Spark Foundry, alongside growth transformation partner Winclap.

“I’ve been in agency-centric roles for most of my career and can say that the relevance and influence of these companies in the mobile industry have never been greater,” said Steve Massaro, Director of Channel Alliances at Remerge. “In the app ecosystem, where new creative formats, economic pressures, and privacy changes are constantly changing the landscape, the value our agency partners bring to our shared clients is continuously becoming more apparent.

Remerge’s Agency Activators program will increase that strategic value through tailored educational sessions that build on our members’ programmatic knowledge and guide them through newer innovations. Were offering masterclasses on fundamental areas of mobile marketing, ranging from incrementality to creative strategy, and more.

Coupling this training with access to logistical and commercial benefits unique to this program has already proved to be successful for our members, who are helping teams tap into Remerge’s solutions to drive growth for their clients apps.”

As programmatic ad spending soars and brands make bigger investments in mobile, marketers are looking for partners who can help them navigate the industry.

“We’re seeing more brands enter the mobile space and get serious about programmatic advertising,” said Remerge Co-founder and CEO, Pan Katsukis. “Performance marketing and developing deeper levels of in-app engagement are often new territories for these organizations. We’re creating an environment where leading agencies can enhance their understanding of the market and learn how to scale their clients’ business.”

Agency Activators is active in the Americas and will expand to Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and Middle East markets.

Adrienne Rice, Director of Media Investment, M&C Saatchi Performance, said: “Recent market developments have made it harder for mobile businesses to find their way in the programmatic advertising industry and make informed decisions about where to allocate budget to grow revenues. App marketing is a rapidly evolving concept, and our clients need partners who know how to unlock its potential. The expert support, resources, and benefits we get from Remerge’s agency partnership program ensure we can deliver results for our clients.”

Pedro de Arteaga, COO and VP USA, at Winclap, added: “Remerge is one of our most strategic partners. To grow efficiently with programmatic ads it is crucial to work with media channels with leading technology and transparent practices. Remerge has both. This partnership program’s masterclass sessions give us a fresh perspective on what’s happening in programmatic, while providing insights and benefits for our media business. As we are a Growth Transformation company, it is important for us to collaborate with partners that help us disrupt how our clients grow. This program helps us do that with programmatic media.”

Learn more about Remerge’s Agency Activators program.