Remio announces the launch of its VR app on the Meta Store

Remio, a virtual reality (VR) platform for remote team building and collaboration for global enterprise customers, has revealed that its app will available to download from the Meta Store. from 26 January.

The app has a range of uses, including hosting large-scale meetings; team-building games; training exercises; social experiences; immersive education sessions; and campus tours. To accompany the launch of the app, Remio is hosting connectivity pilot programs for companies interested in using the app.

Remio emphasizes fun, puzzles and games as a way to connect with co-workers and build employee engagement in the new remote and hybrid workplace. A wide variety of interactive spaces are available on Remio’s platform, including an escape room, a happy hour bar, and paintball, in addition to all of the standard VR collaboration tools such as whiteboards, breakout rooms, and magical presentation rooms.