Remote Access App a Hit on the iPad

RealVNC says that its VNC Viewer app is proving a hit on the iPad. The app provides remote access and control of Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or UNIX computers from an iPad with VNC Viewer. The app is also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The app enables personal users to provide remote support to friends and family members, access home computers while travelling, and view Flash-based websites. VNC Viewer has also been recognised as a practical business application for organisations that have adopted iPhones and iPads as a business tool. It enables IT staff to remotely support colleagues during the day, as well as providing 24/7 access to remote desktops or servers for troubleshooting and checking logs wherever they are, reducing out of hours trips to the office.

VNC Viewer features a scrolling key bar which contains buttons representing useful computer keyboard keys, such as function, modifier, editing, and navigation keys. It also offers connection recognition features, that enable users to give user-friendly names and desktop previews to help identify different computers. Automatic discovery of computers in the local area is provided using Apple’s Bonjour system. To connect from VNC Viewer, VNC-compatible technology must be installed and running on the computer to be accessed.

“VNC Viewer is proving to be an essential tool on the iPad and iPhone. Business and home users alike are finding the application gives them the freedom to connect to all of their computers from a single device, wherever they are located,” says RealVNC CEO, Dr Andy Harter. “We thought VNC Viewer would be popular on these devices, but have been surprised by the huge number of users and the incredibly positive feedback left in the App Store. We have some exciting plans for future versions.”