Rentbrella launches AR and 3D visualisations to accelerate UK rollout

Umbrella-sharing startup, Rentbrella has partnered with augmented reality (AR) and 3D platform Poplar Studio to produce and launch 3D and AR visualisations of its umbrella sharing machines. The collaboration will allow property managers and landlords across the world to virtually ‘place’ the machines on their sites to see what they will look like. This is designed to help speed up the commercial process, as the Brazilian company plans to roll out to at least 100 stands across London in 2022.

The partnership, which will support Rentbrella’s expansion into the UK in commercial and residential buildings, stations and shopping malls, has already saved the company around 200 hours so far in other countries. According to Rentbrella’s co-founder Freddy Marcos, the partnership is expected to save the sales teams more than 2,000 hours in the entire process by 2022.

Previously, Rentbrella’s sales teams had to visit customers, take multiple photos of their property and then send them to the Marketing team. Once the best photos had been subjectively selected, a composite image would then be created – a process of around one to two hours per location. The 3D and AR visualisations enable Rentbrella to carry this process automatically.

“Rentbrella is expanding worldwide and the commercial speed is key for conquering the market,” said Rentbrella CEO  and Co-founder, Freddy Marcos. “Using the Poplar Studio AR solution, property managers can easily view and test different possible locations for our machines, making the approval process simpler and faster.”