REPLUG’s 5-Step Ebook to Master Paid User Acquisition: Serving as a Foundation to Success for 100+ App Marketers

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Lorenzo Rossi, Co-founder and Head of Growth at REPLUG, offers a 5-step guide on how to master paid user acquisition.

In 2023, paid mobile app user acquisition has become increasingly challenging due to various factors. One of the primary reasons is the sheer number of apps available in App Stores, which has made it harder for new apps to stand out and attract users.

In 2023, Google Play dominates the market with a staggering 3.718 million downloadable apps. Its competitor, the Apple App Store, offered 1.803 million iPhone apps in the same year.

As a result, the cost of acquiring users through paid channels has risen significantly, and it has become harder for app marketers to achieve a positive return on investment from paid user acquisition.

Our newest eBook will provide you with the finest strategies, tips, and techniques for making the best out of paid user acquisition campaigns in 2023 based on our extensive experience running paid user acquisition campaigns for partners across the globe.

What’s inside the eBook:

  • A clear look at the importance of paid user acquisition and how it changed.
  • A systematic approach to today’s paid user acquisition: the paid UA Procework.
  • Step-by-step guide on implementing the paid user acquisition Procework.

Who is it for:
This eBook has been crafted with the aim of helping:

  • App marketers
  • Digital Innovation heads and strategists
  • C-level & executives looking to include the app in their growth strategy
  • App and game developers looking to improve their mobile app paid campaigns.

Why This Ebook Is Important

For app marketers to start thinking holistically, in a systematic way. We should begin utilizing a systematic strategy that will enable us to identify obstacles and chances.

You will see the importance of implementing our 5-step approach for scaling paid UA, developed through the years with dozens of iterations – and why taking it step by step is important. Every point in this eBook is covered in detail and examples so you can navigate through paid user acquisition campaigns more efficiently.

Moreover, you will go through the 5-step paid UA process, which covers all the necessary steps to succeed in your app growth activities. We prefer to refer to it as Procework since we perceive it as a hybrid of a Process and a Framework.

By now, more than 100 app marketers have downloaded our eBook and are sharing their first impressions, stating that it is a solid foundation for their user acquisition goals.

You can as well:

  • Gain insights and examples from 10+ years of expertise.
  • Learn a systematic, 5-step approach to navigate your paid campaigns.
  • Adapt to the evolving app world with confidence.

What Is the Paid UA Procework?
The Procework, as we have mentioned, is a mix of Process with Framework into one seamless flow. Moreover, our paid UA Procework is divided into 5 stages. For each of the 5 phases, we must ask ourselves a series of questions and complete a set of tasks split by area.

Another interesting fact about the Procework is that it is actionable. We have 5 phases, and for each phase, there are questions and a set of actionable activities.

It is split into vertical phases and horizontal activities, and all the activities are grouped by type: campaigns-related tasks, creatives-related tasks, and activities involving tech/cross area.

It’s worth noting that the last three steps form a continuous process known as the “Optimization Loop.”

Key Highlights Of Our Ebook

  • Think holistically: we can’t just rely on paid UA. We must look at app growth in general, where all app marketing activities are linked.
  • Use frameworks: they help us understand how different app marketing activities are connected and can impact paid UA.
  • Follow processes: they enable us to track progress in different areas and maintain a systemic approach to growth.

Why should you get this eBook?

  • Practical steps for each important paid UA phase.
  • Learn from REPLUG’s years of experience, examples, and templates.
  • Improve your campaign results and strategies.
  • Our paid UA Procework is the perfect tool that ensures you leave nothing to chance.

Our team is passionate about helping you succeed in paid UA. Our commitment to innovation and client success drives us to enhance Procework continually.

Step Up Your Game Today
Unlocking the full potential of mobile app paid user acquisition requires a plan and a systematic approach. At REPLUG, we’ve mastered this through our innovative framework.

To shed light on these phases, our new comprehensive eBook provides a deep dive into each segment.

And guess what? Our eBook is more than just an instructional guide. It’s the culmination of our hands-on experience, collaborations, and relentless pursuit to perfect the paid UA approach.

It takes less than 90 seconds to get this ultimate playbook in your inbox! Let’s end this year with more knowledge-sharing.

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And if you are struggling with your paid UA efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.