Report Analyses iPhone “Myths”

Strand Consult has published a free report, 'The Moment of Truth a Portrait of the iPhone, which it says uncovers the truth about the 10 largest iPhone myths. The analyst firm have collected information and financial figures from all over the world and thoroughly analysed them, and says it can document that the iPhone is a financial challenge for many operators business cases
Strand says that while many operators believe that the iPhone is an effective tool for attracting new customers, it can document that this is not true. It says its research shows that: the PR people that have put forward these allegations know more about writing than they do about figures.
The report contains figures that, according to Strand, show that the majority of operators iPhone customers come from their existing customer base. In fact, says Strand, it would not be wrong to claim that the iPhone is helping stimulate operators churn on their own customer base – and thereby negatively influencing their business case. The bottom line, the firm concludes, is that the iPhone is not the customer magnet that many have been claiming.
To coincide with the publication of the report, Strand Consult has produced a series of videos looking at various aspects of the report. You can see the first video in the series, with links to the others, here. And you can download the report for free here.