Report Analyses Mobile Data Security

Juniper Research has released a report focusing on the evolving market opportunity for mobile phone data security products and applications. Mobile Data Security – Access, Content, Identity & Threat Management (2006-2011) evaluates secure content management, data and file encryption, identity and access management, and threat management, including mobile theft forecasts, which are an important driver for uptake of mobile security products and applications.   
Juniper says the report is an invaluable resource for mobile/cellular operators and security vendors evaluating emerging opportunities in mobile security; mobile security risk professionals analysing the extent and threat of current and future security concerns; and for purchasers and venture capitalists who will benefit from an insight into the state of the market, including information on current and upcoming products and applications.
You can get a report Overview here.  A Brochure here.  A complimentary Whitepaper here. 
Or order the report here. The report costs 990 for a hardback book or single-user PDF, 1,490 for a multi-user PDF, or 2,490 for an enterprise-wide PDF.