Report Analyses Mobile Service Revenues

David Murphy

Portio Research has released its report, Slicing up the Mobile Services Revenue Pie. The report includes forecasts for regional subscriber numbers, handset shipments and revenues. It also offers detailed revenue forecasts to 2011 for SMS, MMS, mobile video, music, games and other mobile services, and an in-depth analysis of the $900 billion (460 billion) worldwide mobile market.
Portio notes that as simple voice and text messaging services have become commoditised, prices and margins have come under intense pressure, forcing mobile network operators to expand non-voice mobile services to gain competitive advantage. A wide variety of value-added non-voice services have emerged, from mobile music, to email, Mobile TV and video downloads, location based services, games, gambling and mobile payment services.
In 2007, worldwide, says Portio, non-voice services accounted for 18.9% of total mobile services revenues, adding that this figure looks set to keep growing, reaching more than 25.5%  by the end of 2012. In fact, says Portio, worldwide consumer spending on non-voice mobile services in 2012 will exceed $251 billion.
The report looks as the overall value of the worldwide mobile industry, at where the money comes from, and where it goes to. It also examines how these revenue flows will change over the coming years, at how the value of these services changes across different regions and markets, and at which services currently make the most money.
The report is available at a reduced price of $2,395 (1,225) for orders placed before 30 June for a 1-5-user PDF licence, a saving of $600 on the list price. Theres more information, including details of how to order, here.