Report Looks At Disruptive Apps

Portio Research has released its Disruptive Mobile Applications and Services 2011-2015 report. The study offers an analysis of new disruptive apps, and growth forecasts for the worldwide mobile applications market to 2015, including  5-year forecasts for mobile subscribers, smartphone shipments, apps users, apps downloads and apps revenues.

The report forecasts growth in the number of mobile app downloads from 18.4bn in 2011, to over 89bn in 2015, and annual revenues of over $60bn ($40bn) by 2015.

The study focuses on the current breed of hugely popular disruptive applications and services such as mobile video, social networking, mobile VoIP, bulk messaging services, and mobile payments, and the threats and opportunities that they respectively present to mobile operators.

It notes that mobile operators have turned to value-added services in order to counter their falling voice ARPUs by increasing data ARPUs. And with mobile applications and services currently taking the mobile industry by storm and creating new opportunities, strategies are witnessing a seismic shift towards a stronger mobile apps focus in this quest to increase revenue. Certainly, the report concludes, operators cannot  afford to ignore these apps and services. But it cautions them to be mindful of the long term ramifications – including the danger that emerging disruptive applications and services could ultimately threaten their key revenue generators: voice and SMS. Many of these new apps and services are placing considerable demands on network capacity, much of which is not consistent with generating increasing service revenues from subscribers. The study examines the current breed of disruptive mobile applications and services, as well as the wider mobile apps market at worldwide and regional levels, app stores and app development.

There’s more information, including a brochure and  Table of Contents, here.