Report Looks at Southeast Asian Mobile Ad Prospects

Mobile ad optimizer and advertising company Smaato has published a whitepaper, written by Nick Lane, chief analyst at MobileSquared, on the mobile advertising market in Southeast Asia.

The whitepaper, based on new research from MobileSquared, offers information on the mobile internet boom in Asia. In 2010, more than 400m people in the region will have access to the mobile internet and the average user will generate 26.47 page impressions per day. This means that users in Asia, including Japan and China, will be producing over 15bn page impressions per day. The total spending in the mobile advertising market in 2010 is predicted to be around $1.5bn (£1bn).

The whitepaper also describes the difficulties brands face when trying to enter this complex market. While the numbers are impressive, research also suggests that only 8 per cent of mobile of traffic is converted into mobile advertising inventory. The Southeast Asian region has more than 400 devices in use, mostly feature phones that are running on 2G networks, though smartphone penetration is increasing rapidly.

“The Asia-Pacific region shows a huge potential for growth in the mobile advertising space. We are proud to have established a Singapore presence already in 2009 and will continue to hire to grow our local team,” says Smaato CEO, Ragnar Kruse. “As the Smaato Metrics and this whitepaper show, this is a complex market which has its own rules and requirements. We welcome partners that help us continue to grow the mobile marketing economy together.”

The whitepaper is available to download here.