Report: one in three people think AI will take their jobs

More than a third of workers think AI will replace them, says a new survey by Ipsos.

The global research report questioned 22,816 adults across 31 countries and revealed fairly balanced attitudes to the tech revolution. It found that 54 percent of people are excited about AI, while 52 percent say it makes them nervous. Meanwhile 36 percent expect it to replace their current job.

Surprisingly, given the impactful launch of Chat GPT last year, Ipsos says understanding of AI has increased only slightly since its previous global survey on AI in December 2021. It found that two-thirds (67 percent) of people say they have a good understanding of what AI is, but only half (51 percent) say they know which products and services use AI.

Knowledge is higher among younger adults, men, those who are employed, more educated, and/or more affluent. There is also a marked difference by geography. Generally, excitement about AI is highest in emerging markets and in the global south. For example, the report said familiarity with AI-powered products and services ranges from over 70 percent in Indonesia and Malaysia to just 35 percent in Belgium, New Zealand, and the US.

Nervousness is highest in all the predominantly English-speaking countries. It is lowest in Japan, South Korea, and Eastern Europe.