Report Shock: Digital Teens Want it All Now and For Nothing

School College Uni Kids on PhoneGlobalWebIndex has released its Teens report, which looks at the digital behaviours and attitudes of teenagers (defined by GlobalWebIndex as 16-19 year-olds) across the world. The report reveals that young people are clamouring for online entertainment without the means or the willingness to pay for it. They are also kicking back against the ad-funded model, with one third using ad blockers.

Watching video clips, in fact, is the most popular activity for teenagers, with half of those surveyed using TV on Demand services. A quarter of teens have used a VPN, with access to better entertainment content given as a key reason for doing so. And while they are less likely than average to be paying for online content, 20 per cent are watching Netflix each month, rising to 58 per cent in the US.

Teens are less concerned about internet privacy so less likely to delete cookies, but they are deploying other tools to control their internet experience, and are more likely than other internet users to employing ad blockers.

Half of teens watch vlogs each month, but less than 15 per cent discover brands through them and only one in 10 use them to research products. Finally, 14 per cent of teens globally (30 per cent in the US) are using Snapchat.

GlobalWebIndex interviews more than 170,000 internet users across 32 markets – making it the largest on-going study into the digital consumer instigated to date. For this study, 4,849 individuals aged 16-19 were interviewed.