Republic Checks In To Facebook Deals

Fashion retailer Republic has become the latest retailer to launch a Facebook Deals service.
Implemented and managed by One iota, the mobile and Facebook commerce provider, Republic will give shoppers access to exclusive offers and promotions. Deals will be activated when users check-in on their mobile phone through Facebook to Republic stores in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds and London.

Republic has recently embarked on a period of rapid expansion. In 2010, the retailer launched a social media strategy that has already clocked up over 43,000 Facebook fans. Using Facebook Deals, Republic hopes to drive local retail footfall through Facebook, and tap into the growing number of mobile users who are using their phones to source products, compare prices and seek out the best deals on the high street. 

One iota CEO, Damian Hanson, who worked closely with Republic on the launch, says: “Facebook Deals provides bricks and mortar retail stores with a huge opportunity to create new customers and drive loyalty. The ability to attract custom through ‘local Facebook commerce’ is something that can’t be ignored. Facebook Deals is destined to become a key component in multi-channel strategy, fuelled by the growth in social media consumption through mobile devices.”

The initial campaign will provide customers with discounts of up to 20 per cent. Users simply check-in to receive their Republic Facebook Deal, which can then be redeemed in store at the till.