Research powerhouses join forces to maximise global potential of 6G

Gabby Fernie

A pioneering centre is being launched to take mobile technology to the next level and put the UK at the global forefront of 6G research, innovation, and education.

The new virtual hub, 6G Futures, unites more than 400 world-renowned experts in telecommunications networks, cyber, artificial intelligence, digital humanities, social sciences, and arts from the University of Bristol and King’s College London in a unique partnership that will help shape the future of mobile technology for individuals and society.

Although some concepts associated with 6G including holographic communications, immersive life, and the creation of digital twins may sound futuristic, others such as autonomous driving are already well-recognised. 

Through further development of human-centric 6G networks, the applications of such advances have the potential to further transform how health, arts, transport, and many more systems currently operate.

“If the UK is going to play a major role in realising the potential of 6G, we need a national centre that brings together the very best minds in communications technologies, cyber, AI, digital humanities, the arts and social science. The formation of this centre is a very exciting moment in the trajectory of 6G evolution” said Vice President and Vice Principal (Research) at King’s, Professor Reza Razavi.