Restaurant Chain Turns To AR

German restaurant chain Sausalitos, in partnership with Coke Zero, has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) campaign on junaio.

The Sausalitos Finder channel within the junaio AR app enables users to find their nearest branch and get directions, as well as information about Happy Hour times and other special offers. Now, in addition, the Sausalitos magazine features an ad, which when viewed through the ‘Sausalitos Mag‘ channel on junaio, delivers an animation and a coupon for a free Coke Zero that can be redeemed at any Sausalitos restaurant.

Through the integration of classic print ads with virtual digital content, Sausalitos says it aims to provide not only useful information, but also emotionally enhanced experiences and special offers to drive consumers into its restaurants. 

The junaio platform is capable of recognizing images as seen through the phone’s camera, on print ads, billboards, product packaging, flyers, coupons or any other predetermined image. Once recognized, junaio will fetch, via the web any available multimedia content for that image, and overlay it dynamically onto the camera view. In addition to recognizing an object on the image, junaio can then virtually attach a 3D model onto the object in the right proportion and scale. As the user moves the camera, so the 3D model follows accordingly. AR adds on junaio can also trigger of course other types of digital augmentation, such as a game, coupons, or any other interactive exchange with the viewer.

There’s a video explaining how the ad works here.