Retail and Tech Lead Outstream Mobile Video

  • Wednesday, February 10th, 2016
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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outstream mobile videoRetail, tech and consumer packaged goods lead the pack when it comes to outstream mobile video campaigns, making up over 50 per cent of all campaigns run during Q4 2015, according to new figures from Positive Mobile.

Outstream mobile video differs from pre-, mid- and post-roll video by being placed within feeds on mobile websites and on apps, unconnected to video content and more native-like in its approach.

The figures, provided by outstream solution provider Positive Mobile, show that retail ran the most campaigns, with a 19 per cent share of mobile outstream in Q4 2015. Tech brands and consumer packaged goods followed just behind with 18 per cent and 16.5 per cent, respectively.

Financial services and travel were surprise low placers, with six per cent and two per cent, particularly given the rise of mobile payments and financial tech solutions, which would seem to provide an excellent reason for financial brands to invest in mobile video formats.

“As this was this was Q4, finding retail and automotive along with consumer packaged goods and tech at the top of the mobile video advertising charts was no surprise,” said Tzahi Stein, CEO and founder of Positive Mobile. “What surprised us is the relatively low ranking for travel and particularly financial services.

“For FinTech and mobile payments to catch on, well have to see financial services advertisers lead in a mobile marketing category like mobile video. And given the growth of digital travel solutions as well as the experiential nature of travel advertising, mobile video is a natural marketing channel for this industry.”