Retail Emails Nearly Twice as Popular as Social Media, says VoucherCodes Report

mobile shopperEmail is the UKs preferred method of communication from retailers, according to research from and YouGov.

37 per cent of respondents identified email alerts about offers and deals as one of their preferred methods of communication, with newspapers and magazines (28 per cent) coming in second. Social media was preferred by 21 per cent, and SMS by only eight per cent.

Its also worth noting that 31 per cent – the second-largest segment – said they would not like to hear from retailers in any way.

The study also found that 8.6 per cent of disposable income is spent on mobile devices, equivalent to an average monthly per-person spend of £36.76. Unsurprisingly, that proportion is much higher for 18-24s (15.9 per cent) and much lower for over-55s (four per cent).

Eight per cent of the UK have used mobile payments in-store, with men more than twice as likely as women (12 per cent versus five per cent) to have adopted the technology. 27 per cent expect to use in-store mobile payments over the next five years, but 39 per cent say they will never use mobile payments.