Retail Stats from Groupon and SDL

According to a survey of 2,000 consumers commissioned by SDL Campaign Management & Analytics, 68 per cent of UK consumers use their mobile phone in store. Of those 29 per cent said they compare prices, 22 per cent read reviews and 23 per cent compare products and services available from other brands. 

The research also surveyed a further 2,000 people across the US, Australia and Singapore and found that collectively 69 per cent expect a brand’s online store, mobile app and physical store to offer the same pricing, discounts and sales.

Groupon speaks to SMEs

Groupon surveyed more than 300 SMEs in the UK via and online questionnaire and found that only 17 per cent invest more in mobile in the coming year.  8 per cent said they would reduce digital spend this year in favour of more face-to-face communication.

“In order for SMEs to survive and remain competitive, they need to get the balance right and decide when to interact in person or use alternative channels,” said Roy Blanga, Managing Director, Groupon UK “Central to this is being able to understand each customer and their preferences. Targeting them at the right time with tailored offers and promotions will make customers feel they are valued and getting an exclusive experience that they couldn’t get elsewhere – SMEs that fail to do this will miss out on sales.”