Retailers Failing on Mobile Commerce

Retailers have so far been slow to set up mobile shopping experiences, according to new research from One iota

According to the study, which looked at the online sales channels of the UKs top 100 retailers, only 26 per cent of the top 100 have a fully transactional mobile shopping site. 

However, this figure has improved since January, when One iota reported that 80 per cent of e-retailers did not cater for mobile devices. On top of the rise in mobile presence, 4 per cent of retailers now cater for mobile shoppers through apps.

“Optimised mobile internet and social commerce sites are simple to develop,” says Damian Hanson, co-founder and CEO of One iota.” “By engaging with customers in an environment where they spend a growing proportion of their time – on Facebook or on their mobile phones – retailers can maximise the opportunity to sell and open up new revenue streams.”

The study also found that social commerce isnt as advanced in the UKs top retailers as one might expect, either. The study found that only one retailer – ASOS – offers a fully transactional Facebook shopping experience. This is despite 75 per cent of the top 100 retailers having Facebook pages – a 10 per cent rise since the beginning of the year.