Retailers Trial txt2buy Service

UK retailers are trying out a new service that allows consumers to text to buy a product based on information they see on an ad. 

The company behind this technology, txt2buy, says retailers just need to add a txt2buy call to action to their advertising. Consumers can then send an SMS to a given number to order the product. 

Consumers have to register once with the service – txt2buy says it is a similar process to setting up a Paypal account. 

“Not only is this breakthrough technology a faster, simpler way for customers to order products they want, retailers can also generate more sales by closing impulse purchases at the moment of engagement with the advertising exposure,” says the company in a statement. 

The service is due to appear in mainstream advertising campaigns next month, according to txt2buy. 

“txt2buy is a compelling new service that has the potential to revolutionise how retailers engage with a larger customer base,” says Gordon Ellis-Brown, marketing and brand Director at txt2buy. “It is the quickest way to close a sale, as consumers dont need internet access to purchase – all they have to do is send a simple text.

“The fact that the service works with current technology means that there is no upfront investment, expensive software or training required. As well as measuring offline marketing spend, txt2buy is able to capture that data and offer massive opportunities for up-selling and cross selling.”