Review Sites Key to Mobile Research

A study by search apps company CityGrid Media has found that people are almost as likely to rely on review sites as they are search engines when researching businesses on mobile. 

The company, which is behind apps such as Citysearch, Urbanspoon and Insider Pages, found that 15 per cent base their decisions on review sites, and 17 per cent on search engine results. 

This is in contrast to desktop researching, when 59 per cent of adults say search engines are the first places they click. 

In both cases, merchant websites are rarely used first – 8 per cent of desktop users and 8 per cent of mobile users go straight to a vendors site to form consumer decisions.

The study also reported that 39 per cent of respondents are willing to travel between 15 and 30 miles to try a new business. “When it comes to trying a new local business, people like to stay close to home, but it doesnt need to be too close,” says the company. 

The survey was carried out by Harris Interactive, and quizzed American consumers over the telephone in August.