RGK Mobile expands into Latin America through partnership with Aldeamo

Mobile carrier payment solutions firm RGK Mobile has announced the company will be expanding its services into Latin America, partnering with Mexico-based Claro Mobile and Central America-based Tigo Mobile. RGK Mobile has predominately focused on European and APAC countries so far, so the partnerships will see the firm entering relatively new territory. Claro Mobile extends over Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, while Tigo Mobile services cover El Salvador and Honduras.

These new partnerships will be facilitated through carried technology aggregator Aldeamo, which operates primarily in Latin America. RGK Mobile services include connecting mobile carriers “directly to leading mobile service providers and creating new revenue channels; helping to ensure customer longevity and loyalty in highly competitive markets.” RGK Mobile uses direct carrier billing (DCB) technology to make the mobile carrier payment process simple and secure.

RGK Mobile’s objective is to make billing and payment solutions user-friendly and safe from potential information leaks. RGK Mobile has eliminated the need for physical credit cards for mobile payments, with customers simply needing to click to confirm a purchase. Customers will then be directly billed from their mobile device to their bank account, reducing the chance of inconvenient payment errors or other hassles. 

As part of the integration between RGK Mobile and Aldeamo, Claro and Tigo will be provided with premium SMS billing technology and access to two premium services: “Sunny Games”, a prominent video gaming platform, and “Let’s Me Dance,” a dancing video tutorial service for mobile devices.

“The deal with Aldeamo marks a milestone for RGK Mobile, signifying our first thrust into the Latin American market. While well-known for its regulatory complexities, we see the region as a promising platform for both operator billing and mobile services, and with the local know-how Aldeamo possess and our own expertise in mobile payments, I’m convinced that we are in for a long-term collaboration.” said Roman Taranov, co-founder and chief executive officer of RGK Mobile.

Since its inception in 2014, Barcelona-based RGK Mobile has also signed operator agreements with many other mobile carriers around Europe and the United Kingdom, including Vodafone Romania, Swisscom, Sunrise, Airtel, and all of Norway’s operators.

“We’re very happy to be partnering with RGK Mobile to help us meet a growing demand from regional operators for cost-effective and efficient carrier billing solutions,” said Jorge Torrico, Aldeamo’s commercial director. “We were impressed with RGK Mobiles experience in the EU and Asia, and its ability to enhance premium mobile services through its mobile payments solutions.”