RhythmOne ranked #1 Programmatic Advertising Seller on multiple Pixalate Indexes

RhythmOne, part of the Tremor International Company, has been ranked number one for multiple categories in the Q2 2019 Programmatic Seller Trust Indexes, released by omni-channel fraud intelligence platform Pixalate. RhythmOne ranked number one on the display-focused Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI) for the US, number one on the Mobile Seller Trust Index (MSTI) and number one on the Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI) for US and international. Throughout the past year, RhythmOne has ranked first in the GSTI index for the US, and simultaneously placed in the international GSTI index’s top five companies.

“Our rankings reinforce our commitment to grow the highest quality programmatic marketplace for advertisers and publishers,” said Karim Rayes, chief product officer at RhythmOne. “Our team will continue to provide innovative solutions that drive real business outcomes across all screens, giving advertisers the confidence that they are buying the highest quality inventory available.”

Part of the reason for RhythmOne’s success on the Programmatic Seller Trust Indexes is RhythmGuard, the main brand safety technology that is integrated into its programmatic platform. RhythmGuard helps to block invalid traffic and fraud within the RhythmOne marketplace by using detection algorithms and working with third-party verification partners.

Pixalate’s Seller Trust Indexes are created by evaluating and ranking the “quality and integrity” of advertising networks and sellers across numerous channels, platforms and devices. Pixalate’s technology analyzes over 100bn impressions to decide which programmatic advertising sellers stand out as the best in both the US and international markets.

“Ad fraud continues to be the biggest threat facing our industry, and it is crucial that all programmatic sellers make a commitment to identify and eliminate invalid traffic in our ecosystem,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “We are thrilled to see more companies give traffic quality the attention it deserves.”