EDMAs 2021

Rich Media Engagement Rates 5x Better on Social Networks

Alex Spencer

Mobile rich media ads on social networks see an average engagement rate of 55 per cent, according to a study from Celtra, which analysed 32 mobile rich media campaigns leveraging highly comparable creative on both social networks and mobile publishers. This was more than four times higher than the average engagement rate (13 per cent) for ads placed through mobile publishers.

Social rich media ads also saw an ad journey completion rate of 15.9 per cent, compared to just one per cent, and an average ad engagement time of 53 seconds, compared to 32 seconds.

Certain rich media features also proved particularly popular on social media. The play rate of video content was much higher on social networks (47 per cent versus 16 per cent) as was, unsurprisingly, the social sharing rate (27 per cent versus seven per cent).

“When it comes to engagement with mobile rich media ads, social media networks definitely have an upper hand,” said Celtra co-founder and CPO Matevz Klanjsek. “This is largely due to the native nature of their advertising products where ad experiences organically become a part of the conversation.”

It's not all bad news for standard rich media mobile ads, however. Ads with image gallery function saw engagement rates of 29 per cent, compared to 23 per cent for social ads – and location-based features were much more popular outside of social networks, with an engagement rate of 11.3 per cent compared to just two per cent.