RIM Launches Port-a-Thon to Attract Game Developers to BB10

In its continuing campaign to attract developers to BB10, RIM has launched the BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon, on 16 November.

The Port-a-Thon is a 36-hour virtual event which developers can log into, with presentations and constant technical support, designed to encourage them to port existing gaming apps, or build new ones, for BB10, ahead of its launch next year.

The most interesting part, however, is that RIM is also offering a monetary reward for any games submitted as part of the event. Developers will receive $100 for each app that gets approved by RIM, with added prizes for porting more apps – from a BlackBerry PlayBook for developers submitting more than two, to a trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco for submitting more than 10.