RIM Opens UK BlackBerry Tech Centre

RIM has opened its first BlackBerry Tech Centre, at its EMEA headquarters in Slough.

Its another effort by RIM to court the interests of app developers ahead of the BB10 launch. Every working day, from 9-5, the centre will offer a dedicated workspace for developers looking to create BB10 apps, with a BlackBerry evangelist team there to provide guidance and assistance.

“The opening of this first BlackBerry Tech Centre underscores our ongoing commitment to actively engage with and support the efforts of our developer community,” said RIM VP of developer relations, Alec Saunders. “This new centre designates space where developers can draw on the resources and skill set of our experienced developer evangelist team to help them create compelling apps for the BB10 platform.”

RIM opened the BB10 App World store for developer submissions last week – the company clearly understands the pivotal role killer apps can play, as its promising developers