RingRing Rings Up a Million

David Murphy

Independent mobile advertising agency RingRing Media has revealed that has booked over $1 million (630,000) of search and display mobile advertising for its clients, since its launch four months ago in June.
The mobile buying and planning agency runs both low-risk, performance-based ad campaigns on a cost per click basis, as well as CPM campaigns on all of the Tier 1 trusted mobile advertising network. The news comes on the back of RingRing Medias recent launch of its flagship product, IAM, the mobile industrys first mobile ad network optimisation platform.
Matt White, head of mobile at Yahoo says:
RingRing Media fills an important niche in the mobile advertising space. The company is one of the few agencies that completely understands the market and its potential to create a unique and personalised advertising experience for users. In its first four months, the company has risen to become one of our most important and valued partners.