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Rocawear Goes Mobile To Reach Youth Market

David Murphy

Rocawear, the urban lifestyle apparel brand co-created by rapper Jay-Z, has launched a mobile ad campaign on Boost Mobile, a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand and wholly-owned division of Sprint. Boost's official ad-selling and ad-serving partner, Amobee Media Systems, will deliver the ads to Boosts youth audience of 4.4 million US customers. The ads will appear on Boost Mobile's BoostLIVE and web homepage this month.
Rocawear is offering mobile customers a special promotional code to be redeemed on as part of its Be heard, be seen, be felt campaign. The campaign celebrates people from all walks of life who have overcome adversity to make the world a better place.
Mobile advertising is the most personal and effective way to  reach our audience, who essentially lives on their mobile device, says Rocawear Chief Marketing Officer, Jameel Hassan Spencer. Theyre connected 24/7 and are using their phones for entertainment, surfing the web and much more than just phone calls. Mobile fits our consumers urban lifestyle and really connects with the message of our campaign, allowing them instant interaction with our brand.
Earlier this year, Amobee announced its partnership with Boost Mobile, and the launch of its mobile advertising platform on Boost phones. Luxury automotive brand Acura, and Fox Searchlight Pictures, a film company that both finances and acquires motion pictures, were among the first companies to advertise on the platform.
Amobee notes that the potential reach of mobile surpasses that of the most watched cable television shows and traffic to major search engines. In addition to extensive reach, mobile advertising offers a highly personal and relevant experience for advertisers audiences. Amobee serves mobile ads on networks of 11 mobile operators in nine countries for some of the worlds biggest brands, including McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Nokia and Procter & Gamble.