Rocket Fuel Acquires Programmatic Firm [x+1] for $230m

RocketfuelAd solutions company Rocket Fuel has acquired programmatic marketing firm [x+1] for approximately $230m (£137m).

[x+1]s offering consists of a DSP (Demand-Side Platform), DMP (Data Management Platform) and media and website optimisation solutions. The company has a 200-strong team in the US, led by CEO John Nardone, who will join Rocket Fuel as executive VP and general manager.

Through the acquisition, Rocket Fuel is hoping to make the move into the digital marketing enterprise SaaS space, as well as improving performance for existing clients, both its own and [x+1]s.

“The addition of [x+1] will allow Rocket Fuel to expand its portfolio of solutions to a larger addressable market. The powerful combination of [x+1]’s marketing and DMP with our leading AI and big data-driven optimisation technology opens the door for new, innovative opportunities to improve marketing ROI for our customers,” said George John, Chairman and CEO of Rocket Fuel.

“Through this merger of talent, we will be able to offer our customers a comprehensive platform to more easily leverage their growing digital data assets. Our combined technologies will deliver exceptional results across the spectrum of online and offline channels.”