Rocket Fuel Shoots for the Moon with Dynamic Personalised Ads

rocketfuelAdvertising solutions company Rocket Fuel has added new capabilities for dynamic, personalised advertising to its digital marketing platform.

The new capabilities will enable online retailers, travel aggregators and other companies with complex product catalogues and high sales volumes to programatically create a nearly unlimited number of ad variations, personalised for individual consumers. By selecting the most suited products and messages to show to consumers through digital display and the Facebook Exchange, advertisers will be able to increase their sales.

Rocket Fuels AI-driven advertising solutions use bespoke machine-learning algorithms to determine which products and messages drive results, and adjust and optimise media buying and product recommendation decisions in real-time in response.

“At Rocket Fuel we strive to give advertisers the power, knowledge and freedom to focus on their customers,” said Simon Hayhurst, senior VP of product and business development at Rocket Fuel. “Rocket Fuel Personalise is a natural next step in our relentless pursuit of optimisation and real results.

“Audience and context now have a third optimised partner – personalised creative – and this combination works better together to deliver the ideal product and offer choice in real time.”