ROK Buys Data Compression Specialist

ROK Entertainment Group, the mobile technology and applications development company, has acquired Blubox Software, which develops data optimisation and digital image compression software.
Blubox is a unique application for the compression and encryption of digital photographs. It allows the user to efficiently store, manage and communicate their photos over the Internet, and is available to download for free from the Blubox website.   
With an estimated 90 billion digital images currently stored on home computers worldwide, and a further 20 billion being added annually, along with the development of ever-more powerful digital cameras, the storage and communication of digital photos is becoming an increasing problem for the home computer user.
Our technology typically compresses JPEG files by around 80%” Says Blubox CEO Peter Boswell, CEO. This not only drastically reduces the amount of space required to store images but also speeds up the transfer of these files enormously”.
ROK will deploy a specially-developed version of Blubox technologies to enable the fast and effective transfer of digital images to and from mobile phones, and to increase the number of images that can be stored on cellular devices.
Blubox have created the most powerful, user-friendly and original compression technologies for the management of digital imagery and data files that we have yet seen says ROK Chairman Jonathan Kendrick. With our core interest being in mobile phone applications, we know there is a massive potential, worldwide, for this technology in the mobile phone space in addition to, and in conjunction with, the online service.”
The PC version of Blubox launched in October last year, since when 75,000 people have downloaded the application.
Given the fact that most mobiles have limited data-storage capacity and MMS is all-too often very slow and expensive to use, Blubox Mobile will make the transfer and storage of digital imagery on mobile phones far quicker and cheaper than ever before” says Kendrick. And with ROKs global reach in the mobile space, we are hugely excited at the scale and scope of both the online and mobile potential of Blubox.”
ROK is best known for its mass-market mobile TV technologies which allow the streaming of video over existing 2.5G, 3G and wi-fi networks. In May 2007, ROK announced it had agreed to be acquired by US publicly-listed company CyberFund in a Share Exchange Agreement.