ROK Goes Live and Loopy in China

ROK Entertainment Group, the UK-based mobile technologies, applications and entertainment development company, has revealed that it will be broadcasting the Chinese Spring Festival Evening Gala in cooperation with China Central Television (CCTV) International Network Company, a Chinese corporation, affiliated with China Central TV Station.
ROK will provide live and looped broadcasting of the event for mobile users in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand through its ROK TV and FreeBe TV products. CCTV will offer live streaming to mobile users in mainland China via its Mobile TV service.
The live broadcasting of the festival, which has been enjoyed by Chinese at home and abroad since it was first distributed in 1983, will this year be on a much larger scale than previously, covering a greater audience and offering more programmes. 
We are delighted to be working with in delivering one of the foremost Chinese festivals to mobile subscribers globally, says Paul Lessells, CEO of ROKs China-based subsidiary, ROK New Net. We will be concentrating our marketing efforts on generating viewers among Chinese communities, who will be able to experience the celebrations for themselves. We also hope to inform and interest others living abroad by providing a visual insight into Chinese culture.
The broadcast will be available from 6 – 22 February 2008. Overseas audiences can register online here.