ROK has the ANSA

Ansa2Mobile TV company ROK Entertainment  has launched a text message-based question and answer service called ANSA, staffed, the company says by a global network of experts.
To use ANSA, consumers text their question to 83773 and the ANSA database or the global network of ANSA experts will text the answer back within 10 minutes. Each question costs 50 pence plus the standard message charge.
When a question comes in, the brains at ANSA first search a database for the answer. If its not in the database, the question will be sent to ANSA experts around the globe. The ANSA will then be checked by one of the moderators at HQ before being sent on to the person who sent in the question, all within 10 minutes.
Theres something in it for the experts who answer the questions too. The expert that answers the question correctly is paid 10 pence, then whenever that answer is used in the future, the expert gets paid 5 pence. ANSA uses a global network of experts to provide answers 24/7. Anyone interested in joining ANSAs experts network should visit the ANSA website.