ROK in Monkey Business Move

Mobile communications and entertainment company ROK has
introduced Monkey Sports News on its ROK TV and FreeBe TV services.
The channel brings live sports news television to 2.5G handsets in the
UK, US, China, Thailand and Turkey, and will be sub-licensed to partner
operators in South Africa, Thailand and Pakistan.
Sport News takes a live text feed of up-to-the-minute sports news and
uses a speech recognition software programme developed by ROK to lip
synch the stories, which are read by quirky computer-generated animals.
The channel is fronted by anchorman Ted The Rocket Burner.The sports
channel will compliment its sister channel, Monkey News Network which
delivers live news bulletins from around the world, updated every 15
Aside from catering to the traditional male
sports demographic, we have designed Monkey Sports News in a fun and
quirky way to also appeal to the growing demographic of female sport
enthusiasts says ROK Marketing Director Bruce Renny. In the
past three months alone, ROK has seen a 20% increase in the consumption
of sport content by women, across our Mobile TV services.
ROK Entertainments patent-pending technology delivers video
streaming to mobile phones over mass-market 2.5G GPRS. Other channels
in ROKs current channel line-up include ITN, National Geographic, Pop
World and Fifth Gear and SNTV.