ROK Launches FreeBe TV for the PC

ROK Corporation has announced the international PC-enabled availability of FreeBe TV, the worlds first subscription-free mobile TV service. The IPTV application of FreeBe TV offers consumers access to a wide variety of mobile content, free from subscription charges, and, says ROK, only relies on basic PC hardware requirements.
IPTV FreeBe TV is a desktop application which, says ROK, offers instant access to a range of channels spanning multiple programme genres, with no need to open an Internet browser or type in a web address each time the consumer wishes to access the service. Currently offering 12 channels, FreeBeTV has signed up thousands of users to the service from over 140 countries. FreeBe TV mobile is carrier agnostic and can be accessed from 21 mobile phones with WAP-enabled capabilities.
The IPTV extension of FreeBeTV is hugely significant, ROK believes, since it allows consumers access to free content, regardless of whether or not they have a Smartphone.  ROKs aim is to extend the reach of FreeBe TV across geographies and demographics, both increasing eyeball count, which is great for advertisers, and moreover, increasing consumer appetite for out-of-the-living-room TV experiences.
“With FreeBeTV, ROK has completely redefined the rules of engagement for consumers with TV services outside of the home and the commercial relationship between consumers, mobile network operators and content owners says ROK Chairman Jonathan Kendrick. With a genuinely free service which champions the consumer, we are offering the broadest reach imaginable, therefore serving to make mobile and PC TV services mass-market.”