ROK Takes Mobile TV to Malaysia

Celcom Malaysia (Berhad), through its subsidiary Celcom Mobile, has formalised a joint collaboration with ROK TV, the UK-based mobile entertainment company, to offer a Mobile TV service to its customers via GPRS and 3G, making Celcom the first telco in Malaysia to offer mobile TV via both networks.
Subscribers will be able to enjoy the best quality picture and end user experience without the usual increase in hardware requirements, says ROK. The service will kick off in August 2007.
Representing Celcom at the signing ceremony was Celcom CEO Dato Sri Shazalli. ROK CEO Laurence Alexander, signed on behalf of ROK TV.
Speaking at the ceremony, Dato Sri Shazalli said:
We have achieved great success with our mobile content services. This move is in line with our position as a powerful multimedia content telecommunications leader in the country. We are excited to have ROK TV as our partner in innovation. Celcom is committed to empower mobile technology users. We are positive that there is a growing demand for a quality Mobile TV service and customers can benefit greatly from the convenience of Celcoms wide network.
Subscribers will be able to view various shows on their mobile phones, ranging from news and sports news to cartoon series and rap music. Among the channels available are ABC News Now, Al-Jazeera, ITN, SNTV, Xtreme TV, and Mixcast. The subscription fee will be announced when the service is launched.
ROK CEO Alexander said he was delighted to be working with Celcom in bringing the first ever live and on-demand, mass-market 2.5G and 3G mobile TV service to Malaysia.
We applaud the initiative demonstrated by Celcom in embracing this new and exciting technology application he said.
To date, Celcom has the widest network of any mobile network operator in the Malaysia, covering 97% of the populated areas of the country, including Sabah and Sarawak.It also has the widest 3G and HSDPA coverage in the country. Celcom 3G even extends to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, giving Celcom the distinction of offering the widest, fastest and highest 3G coverage in the world. Celcom also offers the most remote coverage in Malaysia, with the recent installation of its network service in Maliau Basin, located in south central Sabah.