Romanian Movie Mania

Orange is rolling out its Orange Film programme in Romania, on the back of the its successful Orange Wednesdays campaign in the UK, Orange Romania, the market leader in the Romanian mobile space, has joined forces with Flytxt and ActiveMedia, the mobile marketing and technology service providers that power the UK service, to roll out a similar 2-for-1 ticket promotion at cinemas across the country.

Orange Film will be available in 34 cinemas across 23 different cities. Partners already signed up for the campaign include CinemaPRO, Hollywood Multiplex Bucuresti Mall, Movieplex Cinema Plaza Romania and RADEF RomaniaFilm.

The system works in exactly the same way as the UK service.More on that here.
Says Ramesh Kumar, Co-founder of ActiveMedia Technology:
“Orange Wednesdays UK campaign saw the largest number of mobile coupons being delivered and redeemed ever.

We are delighted that its success has encouraged other divisions within Orange to roll out the campaign and to deploy Active Medias RAPOS technology to power the service. Working to install our point of sale software in cinemas across Romania in just seven weeks was an immense challenge and we look forward to seeing the success of the UK campaign replicated there.”