Romanias First TV Station App Created in Appscend

Romanian TV station TVR has created the countrys first official TV channel app using Appscend development tools. 

The TVR Info app features live streaming technology and was developed in less than one day, according to Appscend. The app includes edited news, divided into nine categories of interest (culture, news, political, social, external, Europe, weather, business, and sport). The content is updated every 15 minutes. Users can also listen to a live stream of Radio Romania while they read the information in the app watch a live broadcast of TVR Infos programs. The app also encourages citizen journalism via an integrated contact system.

Two months after Appscends official launch, the company says its tools have 300 users, with 18 apps live on the Apple App Store. The company says 300 Appscend-created apps will be live on the App Store by the end of the year. 

Appscend allows the development of apps using Ignite Markup, a basic XML language. In-App Purchases, Layar-powered AP, QR code scanners and other third-party services are enabled through the use of a built-in API.